About Me

I am a fairly sociable guy with a lot of interests and hobbies. When not at work I enjoy discovering good food and drink, theatre and concerts (both as a spectator and performer), photography, travelling, both nationally and internationally, skiing, and when that has worn me out, sitting at home with a good book. I am also an avid techie and can often be found trying out new software or gadgets, or working on personal tech projects.

LocationLondon, UK


I'm very interested in technology and the state of the web and try very hard to keep on top of the latest tech and tech news. Despite being a big Apple fan I am a keen open source advocate and have used linux, and unix varients on both server and desktop environments for over 10 years.

By day I work as a linux systems engineer at LMAX and in my spare time also often working on personal projects or testing out new technology.

I have been programming since around age 10 starting with BASIC on a BBC Micro and quickly moving on to other languages. In the past I have worked with Visual Basic, Pascal, PHP, Java, Perl, Ruby, Python, HTML, CSS and while I could still quite happily still develop simple things in most of them, my language of choice these days is Python.


Abstract and Close-up
Wedding Photography
City and Landscapes

I will take photos of pretty much anything, including portraits, landscapes, weddings, parties and the abstract. I shoot with a Nikon D300 and have a selection of lenses and other accessories to go with it. Many of my photos can be seen on flickr. If you would like to purchase any of my photos or have me photograph an event, please feel free to contact me with the details.


I've been learning music for just about as long as I can remember, starting with the piano at around age 5 (I think!). From age 8 I started singing with Christ Church Cathedral Choir in Oxford and also took up the trumpet. I've now added ukulele to my array of instruments and play all of them with varying degrees of proficiency!

I also regularly perform in musicals and pantomimes with the Quay Players, an amateur dramatics group based in Bermondsey, South East London who put on two shows a year.